JRM Constructions




This project is a single-family residence with an in-law. The scope of the work began with a dry-rotted three-story wall that originated from a leaking sliding door in the back of the home. The remedy for this leak and dry-rot required major structural framing and the sliding door was converted into a window.

The in-law was upgraded with flooring throughout. Its bedroom was enlarged and a walk-in closet was added. The bathroom was moved and plumbing was created underneath. The shower was designed with a ceiling rain shower, cultured marble walls and a shower pan.

Two access-ways were created to supplement the back-wall construction. An access stairway was created from the top floor to the back yard by cutting into a portion of the in-law to create the foundation. Another access was created from the in-law to the deck.

Finally, the main kitchen was remodeled. A wall was removed to create an open space and to access the dining room. Island cabinetry and subway tiles were installed to complete this renovation.